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Containerization Working Group

Motivation and goals

The Containerization Working Group aims to support running the Dataverse software within containers. Containers may be used in very different contexts such as development, testing, staging and production. They also are a way to run the Dataverse software and its dependencies and integrations in enclosed units on different platforms of operating systems and/or hardware. This working group aims to include many perspectives and use cases to make sure the Dataverse community’s needs are covered.

New features and bug fixes 🎁


We presented a roadmap as a proposal as a series of milestone during the 2023-04-18 Dataverse Community Call (notes, recording):

  • Milestone A: For backend (Java) developers
  • Milestone B: For API client testing
  • Milestone C: For an integration/frontend developer (w/o Java)
  • Milestone D: Improve developer experience
  • Milestone E: Demo or evaluation
  • Milestone F: Demo with some configurability
  • Milestone G: Run API tests in containers

As we merge pull requests, we will update “new features” list above. We’ll use the Containerization column of the Dataverse Global Backlog board to indicate specific issues or pull requests we plan to work on next.

Working group meetings

We welcome anyone to join our meetings! The Zoom link is

Get in touch

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Existing prior containerization efforts:

Improving this website

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